TalentMatch 2.0

TalentMatch 2.0 is a series of curated talent matching events for mid-market to large enterprises looking to add a diverse group of applicants to their hiring pool for technology related roles, both technical and non- technical.

For CorporationsJob Seekers

TalentMatch 2.0 is part of the broader initiative (The Corporate Series) that ImBlackInTech delivers to provide education and curated job matching opportunities for seasoned professionals, as well as college students, who are cultivating their career path in technology.

TalentMatch 2.0 (Seasoned Hire) is a fit for companies that have a need to fill technology related roles from hardware, to software, to technical sales and marketing, and are looking to do so while being sure to include a diverse pool of qualified candidates in the consideration process.


• TalentMatch 2.0 (Seasoned Hire) matches approximately fifteen (15) potential applicants with company for a curated mixer to “soft qualify” applicants with whom hiring managers are interested in setting up deeper dive follow-up interviews

• We bring an entirely new approach to the traditional “job fair” by having the applicants man the tables, and the hiring managers make their way around the room for timed meet and greet conversations with each applicant

• The process we use for structuring the event ensures equity in the amount of face time that each applicant receives from the hiring managers

• After the event, the hiring managers receive the opportunity to communicate which applicants they have the desire to follow-up with for deep dive interviews, as a next step in the hiring process


COMPANY: ImBlackInTech’s goal is for company to be exposed to a curated, high quality pool of diverse applicants, in a comfortable environment that shortens their hiring cycle. Out of the 15 applicants, ImBlackInTech counts the event as successful if company likes at least 5 or more of those applicants, and requests follow-up deep dive interviews with them

APPLICANTS: Our goal is for the 15 applicants matched for the event to feel that they got a high value opportunity to make a great first impression with company


1. Participant sign-in and table set up: (15 mins)
2. Introductions / Remarks: (15 mins)

• Overview of structure and purpose of the event by ImBlackInTech, overview of company and introduction of participating hiring managers by company

3. Curated Conversations: (2 hrs, 15 mins)

Session 1: (45 mins)

• “Speed Dating” – Five (7) minute choreographed chats between applicants and hiring managers on-site
• 10 minute break

Session 2: (45 mins)

• “Speed Dating” – Five (7) minute choreographed chats between applicants and hiring managers on-site
• 10 minute break

Session 3: (45 mins)

• “Speed Dating” – Five (7) minute choreographed chats between applicants and hiring managers on-site
• 10 minute break

4. Open Networking and Refreshments: (60 mins)

Following the curated conversations, applicants and hiring managers can engage in open, informal conversations. We would suggest that other company staff members and ERG members who want to meet the applicants join in at this time for the mixer as well.

5. Exit Microsurvey

• Applicants let us know whether or not they felt that the experience was transparent, valuable, and if they feel like they would like to pursue an opportunity at company, if made available to them

• Company on-site hiring managers let us know whether or not they got value from the event, and feel like they truly met high quality applicants that could be a fit for the company

6. Company Follow-Up

• Company reach out to ImBlackInTech after the event, and let us know which applicants they would like to set-up follow-up conversations with, for an official interview process

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