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Business blueprints from idea to launch to early revenue, a membership community that amplifies your growth.

Chicago-based ImBlackInTech Membership Network is a global membership organization for Black & Latinx founders of emerging startups. ImBlackInTech members, who make up some of the top founders of color from all across the country, have raised and generated over $415MM to date.



The Founders Series

The Founders Series (TFS) is the Midwest’s largest technology panel led by and targeted toward Black & Latinx founders of emerging tech startups. TFS is a 5 event series.

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Making Sense of Digital Currencies

Bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin…what are “cryptocurrencies?” Making Sense of Digital Currencies (MSDC) delves into the little known world of cryptocurrency, and demystifies how digital currencies work, how and why they are relevant, and how the average person can get started using them.


D&I Think Tank

In 90 minutes, emerging tech startup founders, investors, tech executives, tech professionals, students, civic leaders, and other stakeholders in Chicago’s tech ecosystem work together to isolate the top challenge, and identify 3 actionable solutions to “crack the code” on diversity and inclusion in Chicago’s tech ecosystem.

The Investors Series

The Investors Series (TIS) is an informal conversation amongst investors that lays out the blueprint for the basic process, and consideration set, that they use to identify, evaluate, qualify and ultimately fund approved deals, followed by a role playing session where attendees “negotiate” an investment or capital raise scenario.

Lightbulb to Launch

If you’re a non-technical founder, or a technical founder who lacks practical experience in building a business, learn the exact process to plan and execute a V1 software development project that generates revenue from day 1.

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Building Apps Without Code

Learn how to build robust web and mobile apps yourself, without a development team, without needing to know how to write a line of code.

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Social Media & PR Series

Social Media and PR Series (SMPR) is a step-by-step blueprint to identify and attract thousands of social media followers to your brand, even if you’re pre-product and pre-launch.

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CEO2CEO VIP Mixer (C2C) is a curated, private gathering for 100 power brokers in Chicago, where leaders from every area of the city are hand selected to attend. Industries represented are politics, education, fundraising, government, tech, fashion, entertainment, venture capital, and everything in between.

Monthly Mixer Series

The Monthly Mixer Series (MMS) was created to bring together ImBlackInTech members, potential members and friends to mingle in a comfortable environment, share ideas, and build trust and rapport.

Twilight Founders Brunch

French toast, chicken and waffles, cheese grits…who doesn’t love a good brunch? Why wait for Saturday afternoon? At Twilight Founders Brunch (TFB), 20 founders come together and enjoy a high-end, multi-course brunch menu served family style, on a random weekday evening, complete with bottomless mimosas.


IGNITE | B2B Micro-Conference

This unique B2B focused half-day micro-conference brings together the best and brightest founders of B2B, enterprise-focused startups for the opportunity to land game-changing contracts that facilitate high-impact business growth. Here, we pitch for enterprise contracts, not investment.

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Career advancement blueprints for strategic technology professionals seeking senior to director level positions and pay.

Chicago-based ImBlackInTech Membership Network partners with leading corporations to provide tactical career advancement training from certified professionals for their current employees, and curated talent-matching solutions to connect them with a diverse pool of potential future hires.



The Corporate Series

The Corporate Series (TCS) lays out a step-by-step career acceleration blueprint. Led by a panel of seasoned execs, TCS gives entry to mid-entry level technology professionals a clearly defined path toward senior and director level positions and pay.

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TalentMatch 2.0

TalentMatch 2.0 (TM2) is a series of curated talent matching events for mid-market to large enterprises looking to add a diverse group of applicants to their hiring pool for seasoned hire technology related roles, both technical and non-­technical. TM2 helps diverse college students and seasoned professionals who are cultivating their career path in technology.


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