General Overview


In working with our corporate partners, such as Grainger, U.S. Cellular, and J.P. Morgan Chase, we have realized that there are four key areas we can support enterprise organizations with internal goals related to their workforce and workplace, and external goals related to the marketplace:

  • Corporate Identity (Culture & Brand)
  • Promotion
  • Recruitment
  • Retention


Attract more diverse talent

Option 1: TalentMatch 2.0 is a series of curated talent matching events for organizations looking to add a diverse group of applicants to their hiring pool for technology related roles, both technical and non-technical

→ Learn about TalentMatch 2.0

Retain current diverse talent

Option 1: A future with your organization comes into focus when employees feel seen and heard. Make your Black and Latinx employees a priority, by investing in professional development led by seasoned executives with ethnicities and backgrounds similar to their own

→ Learn about The Corporate Series

Option 2: Sponsor a number of your company’s employees with 1 year premium ImBlackInTech memberships, through one of our corporate membership packages, to give them free access to all standard ImBlackInTech events through 2018, including The Corporate Series

→ See premium membership info


Recognize your diverse leaders

Option 1: Sponsor a feature of an outstanding Black or Latinx leader in or outside of your organization on ImBlackInTech social media channels

→ See sample corporate feature here

Option 2: Recommend key stakeholders and thought leaders in your organization for participation on panels ImBlackInTech hosts to continue to elevate your organization’s brand name as a leader in inclusion

→ Get involved here

Commit to creating a culture of inclusion

Allow us to help you navigate the impact ecosystem for trusted recommendations with respect to the top individuals and organizations (large and small) in the space that are best suited to deliver measurable, value added results for partnership on your D&I initiatives, and the resources and results they provide

→ See the players

Connect with other BigCo executives invested in discussing and implementing inclusive best practices and next practices in their organizations through the Executive Diversity Forum

→ Learn about EDF



Be known for celebrating the impact ecosystem

Option 1: Partner with ImBlackInTech on a monthly celebration mixer for leaders doing great D&I work in the Chicagoland area, sponsored by your organization (#LeadersBrunch)

Option 2: Commit your support to celebrating and recognizing leaders in Chicago’s impact ecosystem, by sponsoring an official report ImBlackInTech publishes, spotlighting all the individuals and organizations in the Chicagoland area community leading D&I work


Sponsorship of Events / Initiatives

Event Sponsorship Opportunities
→ See 2018 event roster

Co-Host a D&I Think Tank
See overview

Sponsorship of Executive Influencer Network
→ Executive Diversity Forum: BigCo Leaders Investing In Inclusion

Content Sponsorship & Licensing
→ See 2018 offerings

Other In-Kind Sponsorship Opportunities
Get involved (event space, swag for giveaways, air travel, hotel room blocks for speakers, etc)

Entrepreneur Scholarships

Option 1: Sponsor a cohort of eight (8) entrepreneurs from all around the country to participate in our #IntentionMastery Global Mastermind: $1800/qtr per participant → $14,400 to sponsor a mastermind wolf pack cohort

→ Learn about the Global Mastermind

Option 2: Sponsor a group of twenty-five (25) entrepreneurs from all around the country to participate in our monthly #IntentionMastery 5 Day #DeliberateGoalSetting Challenge: $97/mo per participant → $2425 to sponsor a 5DC

→ Learn about the 5DC


Branded Apparel

Sponsor entrepreneurs in your programs with #FounderApparel from ImBlackInTech
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