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July | 2017

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Techies, Founders and Orgs to Follow (Instagram)


Turning One Million youth into shareholders


Girls coding for social change


Jesus Groupie | Release Engineer |Tech & Lifestyle Blogger


BLUE Team A technology innovation center, where diverse people making positive impact in the world gather to create, collaborate, learn, and build.


A non profit travel on a mission to take inner-city minority males out of their current environment to travel abroad


We build tribes of changemakers + entrepreneurs and engage them in an innovative process to help underserved communities globally


Bring us all the nerds! We are a collective of talented and diverse individuals that advocate for inclusiveness in tech, gaming and geek culture


A Chicago-based non-profit helping fund black high school student businesses that impact their communities


Black Tech Ecosystems: A Proposed Framework for Defining, Assessing, and Developing Black Tech Communities


U. of C.’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plans Big Expansion into New Hyde Park Complex

The University of Chicago’s Polsky Center, which operates the Polsky Exchange, seen here, is planning a major expansion into a proposed 20-story complex in Hyde Park. Read more…

Ursula Burns Earns Place in the U.S. News & World Report Stem Leadership Hall of Fame

In May 2017 U.S. News & World Report announced this year’s inductees into their STEM Leadership Hall of Fame, comprised of notable figures who have achieved measurable results in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields. Read more…

Program Teaches Youth How to Become Investors & Build Long-Term Wealth

When investor Rendel Solomon was looking for the perfect present for his niece, he didn’t head to the store. Instead he made her part-owner of some of the most well-known companies and brands, through purchasing her stocks in Apple, Disney and Nike. Read more…

Bronzeville Developer Opens Space for Fresh Food and Startup Capital (via the Plug | Chicago Mag)

Boxville, a retail plaza made of shipping containers, will host a produce market and spaces for entrepreneurs to test their wares. Read more…

Chicago Commits $100 Million to Investment Fund aimed at Low-Income Areas (via the Plug | Chicago Tribune)

Bernard Loyd speaks about a series of initiatives near the CTA “L” Green Line 51st Street stop where he’s opened an incubator, rooftop farm, community garden, bike repair station and a Jerk Shack restaurant. Read more…

Engineering Camp Starts Wheels Turning for African-American Girls

Girls around metro Atlanta participated in a summer program that encourages African-American students to develop an early interest in engineering. Read more…


Youth Scholarships

2017 – 2018



Museum of Science and Industry’s Black Creativity Event

I always recall fond childhood memories of all things science and technology when I visit the Museum of Science and Industry. I had the pleasure of  joining the MSI in the celebration of Black Creativity at MillerCoors last month.  The evening was full of smiles, delightful conversations and most importantly young professionals on a mission of support for STEM programs. With the the right support, MSI can continue to reach thousands of students in Chicago neighborhoods.

The Innovation Studio was a true highlight of this event, as guests were able to get a first look at the brand new program offered to Chicago’s youth. Students can create their very own inventions and experience the process of design, all while learning about contributions of African Americans to STEM fields.

Today, the Innovation Studio is only open during the summer for a limited time, but all of Chicago STEM enthusiasts rallied to change that. The Museum of Science and Industry called upon us  to push for this program to be offered year round to all of Chicago’s Youth. Learn more about the program and how you can participate here!

Social Media Day: Influence of Black Culture on Social Media

Fast forward a few weeks later, I decide to check out Mashable’s “Social Media Day: Influence  of Black Culture on Social Media.” I had the privilege of engaging in a critical discussion of the influence of “Black Twitter” and other various platforms. A few key themes throughout the night included: our strength in numbers, resources, and the impact of our influence on every market. The panelists stressed the need for us to continue to strengthen our communities, buying power, and the expansion of minority owned businesses. The key take away here is that social media is our unfiltered, unregulated and direct channel to reach so many audiences. We sometimes fail to realize that there is no production manager, edit room or barrier standing in the way of our message to the masses. Social media is a tool of power we can leverage to directly impact and rebuild our communities.


Intro to Animation: Learn Timing & How to Create Model Sheets


Through this drawing intensive course, students acquire an understanding of figurative human emotions and movements, enabling them to create believable animation. Students will create model sheets, describe & refine character attributes, and learn how to endow their characters with human traits & actions. Register here!

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Jamila Parham, “The Tech Unicorn”

Jamila Parham traded her dolls for game controllers and she instantly fell in love with technology. She went on to study Computer Graphics and Technology at DePaul University. Affectionately known as The Tech Unicorn, Jamila is an IT Leader, speaker, and a champion for diversity and inclusion. She advocates on behalf of under-represented communities in order to address the lack of diversity in STEM. Jamila is excited to join the ImBlackInTech team as the voice behind the #TechRecap.

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