Organizations with 1 or more initiatives or programs targeted primarily toward supporting people of color in technology.


ImBlackInTech™ Membership Network

Thomas K.R. Stovall | Creator
Jason V. Stewart | Co-Founder


Thomas K.R. Stovall | Creator
Jason V. Stewart | Co-Founder


Diana Lopez-Obaldo | Director of External Affairs & International Relations
Tom Alexander | Chief Operating Officer

StartingUp Now

L. Brian Jenkins | Founder & President

Project Syncere

Jason Coleman | Executive Director

Google Code2040

Riana Lynn | Entrepreneur in Residence
Thomas K.R. Stovall | Entrepreneur in Residence
Kristen Sonday | Entrepreneur in Residence

Gray Matter Experience

Britney Robbins | Founder

Blue 1647

Emile Cambry | Founder & CEO

Computer Training Institute of Chicago

Paul Johnson | Founder & Director

Greater Englewood CDC

Glen Fulton | Executive Director & President

Chicago United

Gloria Castillo | President

Blue Ocean Logic

Rhea Steele | President
Brian Powers | Vice President & CI Strategist

Cre8tive Capital

Aaron Byrd | Founder
Greg Currence | Sr Strategic Specialist

Bethel New Life

Philip Fairweather | Business Innovation
and Technology Manager

Black Tech Mecca

Fabian Elliott | Founder & CEO
Dineo Seakamela | Chief Operating Officer
Torrence Gardner | Director of Strategic Partnerships
Nehemiah Bishop | Operations Director

Chicago Urban League Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Jason Johnson | CUL Entrepreneurship Center Director

Digital Youth Network

Akili Lee | Co-Founder
Nichole Pinkard | Founder

Black Data Processors Association

Mike A. Williams | President

IC Stars

Sandee Kastrul | President & Co-Founder

Queens Brunch

Shayna Atkins | Founder

FWD Collective

Michael Donnelly | Founder

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