What is the Mastermind?

The ImBlackInTech™ Global Mastermind is a group intensive program, taking place quarterly, for seasoned entrepreneurs currently running 6 to 7 figure companies, who want a wolf pack of seven (7) other high velocity founders with whom they can share their journey, DELIBERATELY.

Entrepreneurship can be exhausting, especially when you’re doing it alone, or with a small team. The mastermind is for individuals who want to support each other in literally having the year of their dreams, in every aspect. It is not a ME program, it is a WE program, designed in a format that provides the three C’s necessary to create lasting habit change and maximum growth over time; Community, Constraints and Consequence.

The mastermind is not strictly business focused, as we dive deep into every aspect of the thinking and planning necessary to live a balanced and fulfilled life, where our businesses work for us, not vice versa. In total, the mastermind includes structures that have participants assess and plan around what it will take to produce satisfaction and happiness in 24 unique areas of our lives, including business, personal finances, relationships (family, friends, business, significant other), health, and more.

The program is not exclusive to “tech” entrepreneurs, but it is exclusive to members of ImBlackInTech Membership Network anywhere in the world who want to apply.

Featured Mastermind Participants

Clifton Henri
Owner, Clifton Henri Photography

I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my s*it. The Mastermind helped me develop a non-emotional approach to the business and apply some legit and basic revenue generating practices that have allowed me to have a sturdier grip on my business.

This year, I started using a simple automated communication sequence that I learned from another mastermind participant, to follow-up with potential buyers who visit my booth at shows, and join my email list. So far, I’ve doubled my already 5-figure online sales compared to previous years.

I learned the most from listening to the other members of the mastermind…learning from their best practices and applying strategies to my business that I’d never considered before.

Laura Olivares
President, Nothing Forgotten, Inc

Here’s what I got…the importance of surrounding myself with people more successful than myself…the impact of setting financial goals in small bites to attain weekly, rather than just setting one large goal and crossing my fingers…clarity of our process through delegation, process and procedures…and how much entrepreneurs like me need group support.

Because of the new clarity in delegation, I am able to now leave my company in the hands of my team, and everyone is on point with their tasks to move clients through our process to completion. I now have the freedom to set boundaries around my personal time and business time without concern, with teams operating independent of me in Chicago and New York.

Xavier Ramey
Chief Executive Officer, Justice Informed

I’ve spent the last six years talking about starting a business. SIX. YEARS. After less than a year in the mastermind, I went from salaried employee working 10-12 hours daily, to leaving my job. I started one of Chicago’s fastest growing social impact consulting firms, with a national client base and an hourly rate that makes my ancestors proud. ? Weekly moonshots I promised as part of the mastermind resulted in my first TED Talk, and I’m becoming known as a leading figure in Chicago’s corporate social change sector.

The mastermind has an approach and structure that has actions match up with intentions. I know all too well what six years of intending to keep promises I make to myself feels like. Now I know what 12 months of keeping them creates.

What You’ll Get

Your Wolf Pack
(cohort of biz owners)


Cohort of other seasoned entrepreneurs currently running 6- to 7-figure companies, who want a wolf pack of other high velocity founders with whom they can share their journey, DELIBERATELY. The mastermind is for individuals who want to support each other in literally having the year of their dreams, in every aspect. It is not a ME program, it is a WE program.

Entrepreneurship is exhausting. Join the wolf pack.

Founder Hot Seats


On each call, we have 1 mastermind member in the hot seat, with no warning as to who it will be, prior to the call. The entire brain trust of the mastermind group goes to work on helping one participant find an immediate solution for the absolute biggest challenge they have in their business at that time.

Hot Seat Format →

Group Video Call


Each participant shares the following:
Revenue Check-In (meeting / exceeding / behind status updated based on monthly / yearly revenue goal)
The ONE Thing (most important thing you must get complete for the business in the next 7 days, and status / outcome update on previous week’s ONE thing)
Moonshots (ONE HUGE and UNREASONABLE ACTION you must take in the next 7 days, that if it were to bear fruit, would potentially transform their business)
DreamLife Intent (ONE action you will take in the next 7 days in the area of life we are focused on that week, consistent with your documented intent for that area of life, i.e.- family, health, etc)
Entrepreneur Hot Seat (entire mastermind brain trust helps one participant find an immediate solution for the absolute biggest challenge they have in their business at that time)


Included as part of the mastermind is participation in the monthly 5 Day #DeliberateGoalSetting Challenge for the entirety of 2018. The 5DC, which was modeled based on the “Cue, Routine, Reward, Craving” system for developing and cementing new keystone habits recommended in The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, and principles for effectively implementing “Decentralized Leadership” in an organization learned from Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, jump starts the productivity and super charges the effectiveness of participating entrepreneurs the first 5 days of each month.


Read a detailed write-up about the 5DC → HERE

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour
Chief Breakthrough Officer, FlyGirl Enterprises

The 5DC put me in BEAST MODE! Even though I was a Cop, Marine and battle-tested attack helicopter pilot before starting my company, I was looking for “structure” and a way to prioritize my priority projects as an entrepreneur.

The 5DC showed me how to take deliberate action every day, which led to crazy momentum. I’ll be signing up for another challenge. The support and accountability in the community is impressive and appreciated. #StayGutsy

Serita Love
Founder, Success Junkie

This challenge is life changing for any GOAL GETTER. I have participated twice and it spring-boarded my success. If it weren’t for the 5DC, I would have been behind on my book publishing goal, and I definitely would not have been able to successfully plan my father’s funeral (during the challenge) WHILE staying on top of my daily actions, simultaneously.

Jon Anderson
Owner, The Sound Vision

The 5DC was me exercising my weakest muscle, everyday. As a business owner, it’s so easy to slip into the busy equals productive mindset. Who can argue with you when you report to yourself?

The daily challenge, with all of its checks and balances, was eye opening for me. Planning and completing the single most important task each day was simple, yet foundational, and exactly what I needed. I was living so far in the future that the now was a secondary thought. In one week, I closed my $150,000 monthly goal in sales. One week.

Perry Jeffries III, CRPC, PES
Founder, Phy-nancially Fit LLC

After the first day of the challenge, I was blown away by the level of professionalism, attention to detail and the process of the 5DC. I found myself being held accountable, by not only the 5DC moderator, but by the other participants. During the 5DC, I found myself stretching and becoming truly intentional about each day, before it even started.

As a direct result of the challenge, I’ve accomplished in 5 days what I’ve been procrastinating on doing for over 6 months. As an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, I struggle finding structure. With the 5DC, I entered each day with a blueprint for production and laser focus.

Danielle Pierce
President, Women, Wealth & Real Estate

I wan’t sure what to expect out of this challenge initially. Subconsciously, I must have expected the same old goal setting strategies I’ve done in the past. Well, lemme tell you…this ain’t that!

I was able to tap into an entirely new, next level method of setting goals. I have done a lot of trainings, studying, researching and personal development and I’ve yet to encounter anything of this magnitude. It’s super dope, challenging, and took me to my next level. For the past several months, I was supposed to be writing a book, but I never got started. I was able to write 3,500 words for the book as a direct result of this challenge.

Tara Reed
CEO, Apps Without Code

The challenge completely skyrockets my productivity. I’ve done it 3 times and I can’t wait to do it again. Last month, I wasn’t sure how my startup was going to hit our revenue goal. But we found a way to hit our goal, largely as a result of the deliberate actions I learned from the 5DC.

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